The WCFC Learning Center (version null) has been created to allow those members of the WCFC community (primarily instructors) to communicate details of online events they are hosting. This system was created in the wake of the 2019/2020 COVID-19 pandemic to support continuing training while flight operations at the club have been shut down.


This site uses two cookies, and one piece of local storage. One cookie is a simple tracking cookie used to indicate that the browser has touched the site at least once in the past. Another cookie is used to store a cryptographically secure login token identifying the user to the site. The one local storage item indicates whether the user has seen the cookie usage banner as is now required by the European Union.

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This tool is built using the Svelte JavaScript framework. The back-end is built using the Java DropWizard restful server framework. Both are delivered as a unit in a single Docker container. The database is MongoDB, accessed from Java using the Morphia library.

Some icons have been provided by Icon8. They include the following icons :

If you have problems with the system, or suggestions for new functionality send mail to dfrye@planez.co so your input can be considered.

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